what is ther/proph/diag inj, iv push?

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Answered: Ther Proph-dx njx push i st sbst drug what is this?

Those are the billing explanation for therapeutic/prophylactic/diagnostic injection push 1st substitute drug. It doesn't say what drug, just that it was intravenous.

Answered: IV in arm vs neck

An IV is put in the neck under several circumstances. In life threatening emergencies in order to get medicine in and fluids as fast as possible, the large veins of the neck are used, especially in small children. This is quicker and easier than collapsed veins in the arm, or small veins in the arm ...

Answered: I wish my neighbors were considerate enough to buy ...

A push mower is a lovely, quaint idea, providing you have only a few square yards of level lawn. But, if you've got real grass to cut, go with a self-propelled power mower. Anything less is unneeded stress.

Answered: What is a PUSH-TO-TALK cell phone?

it's like a walkie-talkie... here read this .

Answered: Where to mail the 502inj form?

Comptroller of Maryland Revenue Administration Division Taxpayer Service Section 110 CARROLL ST ANNAPOLIS MD 21411

Answered: Why does the taxi driver who nearly runs over James T. Kirk on Star Trek

Oh, is that him? I thought that was a picture of your father's dirty behind. No wonder you're scared shitless, Bidet Boy.
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