What is thedistance from Newport, RI to Bourne, Ma.?

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Answered: How far is manville ri from ma?

It looks like Manville RI is about 4 miles from the Massachusetts border to the north or the east.

Answered: What cities are between JFK and Newport RI?

The shortest driving route (180 miles) goes through Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven and New London CT and the trip takes nearly 4 hours. There are lots of smaller cities. Or you could go through Hartford CT but it would make the trip longer. You could fly from Newark (EWR) to Providence RI (PVD ...

Answered: Can anyone tell me when the bourne hall market is on for easter bank

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. We visited England and Wales about a half a year ago, so I don't think we will be back in the near future. Had a fantastic time.

Answered: How many miles is it from Willington, CT to Newton, MA?

Direct distance (crow fly) = 70.3 miles. Land trasport = 82.1 miles. This site will enable you to find the distance between any 2 cities and provide you with a map too.

Answered: Who is Ma Yingjiu

Ma Ying-jiu was born in Hong Kong in 1950 . The son of a KMT soldier, he became in 1990 the Vice-Chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Council. In 1995, he was appointed Minister of Justice. In 1997, Ma, citing disillusion with politics, left the cabinet to resume his teaching career as law professor ...

Answered: Get marriage certificate

If this is for US, Please contact the Vital Statistics office of your state who will be able to get you your Marriage Certificate. Following link has list of states and under them are procedures which can help you out. Link : http://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Category:United_States
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