what is the youngest age someone can have a sexual orgasm?

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Answered: Is a woman more likely to have an orgasm through stimulation of the

Not being a woman I can only go by what I have been told or read. But the location of the clitoris is in such a place that might not get stimulated during sex but need direct stimulation while a male’s penis is just a large clitoris that gets stimulated because of friction during sex. Many women ...

Answered: Should a child be charged with sexual misconduct with no proof

Minors under fourteen usually cannot be considered guilty of sexual assault unless there are certain conditions met, with concurrence of the prosecutor's office: 1. Was the minor capable of forming criminal intent? Interview and a battery of psychological tests will render that evidence. 2. Is ...

Answered: Why can't i orgasm?

Judging form the vast amount of interesting questions that you have posted on the subject, the probable main reason that you are not reaching an orgasm is simply because you are not relaxed. You are trying too hard to ensure that your partner gets the best instead of just relaxing, letting your mind ...

Answered: Age at death

Psalm 90 says three score and ten, or by reason of strength four score.

Answered: Researching further

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hi, there are a no. of creams & vitamin supplements available in the market. However, trying to identify and treating the underline cause is very important. For timely relief one may resort to female Viagra like tablets called Vita Lean and so on.

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Why does a man stop having multiple orgasms?

It is common to have such a situation. The truth is that men, even women too, always want to new things. When you are married, you will sonner or later find sex monotonous. There are however some exercises which your husband can carryout which will help him regain his multiple orgasms stand. You ...