what is the world's record for the longest or biggest cayenne pepper?

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Answered: Cayenne pepper and Emphysema

Great, I'll be interested to know how you do on the Cayenne Pepper. Sure hope it helps you. Blessings to you too, Nancy

Answered: What is the longest recorded time a person died and came back to life?

Jesus was dead for millions of years before he came back as a braindead zombie. That's why only brain dead zombies worship him.
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Can i freeze green cayenne peppers

yes you can freeze green cayenne peppers. wash them and put in zip lock bags, or small plastic containers . either whole ans cut up

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Where to buy cayenne pepper?

If you want to grow your own, a nursery will have bedding plants. You can buy seeds online from several different seed companies. Most grocery stores will have powdered cayenne peppers, and a large grocery store will also have the fresh pods.