what is the winter weather forecast for upstate new york?

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Answered: Who are the top new york seo companies?

Here you can know more about new york seo companies

Answered: Bodymagic.com I would like to know is there any one selling body magic

Louise, take a look at www.insiderpages.com to search for the products in local stores. Good luck!

Answered: How much snow has fallen is Oswego, New York this winter?

Take a look at http://www.wunderground.com/US/NY/Oswego.html for that information.

Answered: Upstate New York

I believe anything above the Westchester Region.

Answered: How are people coping with this weather?

The same way I coped with 115 degree heat when growing-up in Texas. Wear less clothes, drink more water and attempt to become acclimated by keeping the air conditioning low and staying outside when possible. Kyaking and dipping in the Springs helps a bunch also. Lady Darko E.

Answered: What's the weather like in NYC?

It's NYC!?!? Does it really matter?!?!?
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