What is the windhurst group?

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Answered: Deleting Aim Groups ?

leave the blast group on the blast group site.

Answered: What is all about Springhill Group Counselling?

Be strong, it is probably nothing… you know women J

Answered: A religious group moved into a town and took over the town in the usa in

That would be a great move, depending on the religion. When Christians come in to live in a place, they are mellow, fit in well with the community, and live peaceably. When Jews move in, they bring order and decency where none existed before. When Muslims move in, it is a hostile takeover that ...

Answered: Were there other Quarters in New Orleans besides the French Quarter?

No. The Vieux Carre (old square) is just the oldest part of the city, known as the French Quarter.

Answered: Is the Southern Poverty Law Center a "HATE GROUP"!

Anything that Tadpole-Trania supports is a typical leftist liberal racist hate group. All leftists are that way hence unforgivable. No one buys the games of dullard leftists. Get over it, Tadpole, leftists do not matter.
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Please make yourself clear. I do not know what you want help with.

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How about the avoid "Andrewcranky" un-meetup? Household maintenance and repair, can you fix your the tuck pointing on your bricks porch, repair plaster and lathe and iinstall a garbage-disposal. Even if you know how to do these things, the draw could also be a collection of used and donated (can ...