what is the weight range for child car seat?

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Answered: How do I Choose a car seat for my child?

Check the website for Consumer Reports online to see what car seats they recommend. Then research that brand on the internet to find out where the best deals are. Hope this helps! Rick Upshaw

Answered: I understand car baby car seats facing backwards ...

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children and one thing that can save your kids' life is the proper use of child safety seats or restraints. While generally, booster seats are required until a child is 8 years old, authorities recommend that children should use boosters until ...

Answered: Convertible or Infant Car Seat?

Convertible, right away. Can use one of those padded things to maintain good alignment for the infant, OR a small/thin towel will work well too. Hope this helps. Katie

Answered: At what weight does a child no longer need a booster seat in a car?

They need to pass several tests, and it is not based on weight. First, they must be tall enough that the seat belt crosses the shoulder and does not ride up onto the neck. The lap portion must be across the top of the thighs, not the belly where it could damage delicate organs. And lastly their ...

Answered: Child car seat

Check Consumer Reports for unbiased reviews of products, including children's necessities such as cribs and car seats. You can find back issues of the print magazine at your local library or access Consumer Reports online at www.consumerreports.org . Be advised that there is a small fee to join.

Answered: How can i check if my child's booster seat is correct for my child's

The best seat for your child depends on your child's height, weight, and age. All infants should ride rear-facing in back seats until they are at least 1 year of age and 20 pounds. Children should ride rear-facing as long as possible, but children who are 1 year old and 20 pounds can ride in ...
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At what age and or height and weight can a child ...

Everything I have ever read is that you want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible. You can go by the weight limit on your rear facing child seat. When your child is over the weight limit for a rear facing seat then you should be fine to move to a forward facing seat. They say that ...

Determining if I can place a Car Seat in my front seat

It isn't leagal In any state to have a carseat placed in the passenger seat. It is ILLEGAL and most of all UNSAFE!!! A child should ride in the backseat until the age of 8.

Child car seats in NYC

Wow, a coherent and (I believe) accurate response in only a few hours - impressive!

The laws for child car restraints is so hugely ...

As the laws from one country are not necessarly the laws in annouther and will never be the same as every country has different laws. And yes they are all differerent. As to your childs well beeing as well as yours.