What is the weather forecast for february 2011?

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Answered: How are people coping with this weather?

The same way I coped with 115 degree heat when growing-up in Texas. Wear less clothes, drink more water and attempt to become acclimated by keeping the air conditioning low and staying outside when possible. Kyaking and dipping in the Springs helps a bunch also. Lady Darko E.

Answered: Missouri kato This a weather area in North Dakota around Williston nd and

Williston ND is on the Missouri River, downstream of the confluence with the Yellowstone River, and one of the places where they measure the river height and forecast flooding. The Missouri flows from there to Pierre South Dakota and over to the border of Iowa.

Answered: Home weather forecast

You might want to try here: http://www.weatherstations.co.uk/gifts.htm

Answered: What was the name of the deceased weather person from Denver, Co. that

They had a weatherman in Denver who was not only dead but also in a wheelchair? I guess they didn't have to pay him very much since he was dead and all.

Answered: How much do atlanta weather forecasters make

TV weather persons typically make $75K to $110K. In small markets they may be lucky to get $30K.

Answered: Weather forecast for kentucky please.

Here is at thar Weather forecast fer kentucky YALL get out your rain coats now., cause Miss jones chickens crossed the road, and as yall no, at thar is a sure sign of rain... If n yall are cooking that good stuff be sure to cover at thar still up, huh huh huh, don't wont that thar far going out ...
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What will the weather be like on april 23 2011..trying to paln my wedding

Sorry, modern science can't even predict accurately 7 days in advance. You can only predict what an average day might be, and maybe two weeks ahead they can guess that it will be warmer or cooler than usual.

Did a tornado hit danbury wisconsin july 1 2011?

Martha, I think a tornado was sighted, or heard, in this area, but I haven't heard about it touching down anywhere. I live about 30 miles in a straight line, north and a little east of Danbury. I'll do some more checking and post another answer as soon as I can. There were some very hard straight ...

Change the weather forecast?

Unfortunately it is not possible to do so.

Where and when did the quote,,,,high clouds indicate fine weather will

"Mares tails and mackerel scales" is an old saying. In my experience, cirrus clouds (high) indicate that weather will be fair for the day, lower clouds like altocumulus may indicate an approaching front, and low clouds like stratus and nimbus indicate rain. Here are two articles about weather ...