what is the wampus beast?

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Answered: Is Italy a beast place to visit in summer?

Beast (like in beastly) or best place to visit? (Both can actually apply!) Summer is a popular time for tourists to visit Italy. Many countries have school vacations, workers have their vacations and it is not cold. This means peak season for visitors with higher prices for plane rides ...

Answered: The cult of the beast -- 666

Rocmike, we can all tell that you posted this question and the Snicker anonymous post is your alias. We can also see that you're the porn poster.You can't tell one of your aliases apart from the others.

Answered: What does being in the belly of the beast mean?

Being locked up or in prison. Being in a bad place.

Answered: The mark of the beast -- 666.

Too bad that Tadpole failed to attend Sunday School, and only came away with the atheist ignorance she got in that whorehouse. It makes all leftists look bad, but they deserve it.
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