what is the VHS frequency of 144MZ ued for?

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Answered: Raio frequencies

Google the radio model number and get it there owners manual.

Answered: Scanner frequencies in Virginia

Hi,Peggy: You can get fire frequencies in an annual fire buffs' guide called "The Visiting Fireman" N6271 Paradise Dr., Burlington WI 53105-2631. They have listings for cities of 50,000 and above and counties of 150,000 and above. I'd look them up for you, but all my copies are packed away. Hope ...

Answered: Who buys vhs tapes

There's a few classified and auction sites that you can use to sell your old VHS tapes. If there is a Goodwill or Salvation Army you can always donate them there. Also on occasion some independent CD stores will take in used VHS tapes.

Answered: Recording vhs to dvd.

You may take a look at this guide, it's about how to capture video from VHS to computer and burn to DVD, it works pretty well for me http://www.reviewstown.com/how-to-convert-vhs-tapes-to-dvd.html

Answered: Current radio frequency list for gulf co., sheriff port st. oe

This web site has the information you are looking for.
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What is the voltage, phase and frequency of the industrial power supply

Denmark has a single-phase voltage of 230V with 50 Hz of frequency.

Frozen VHS Tape

You are going to have to let the tape thaw slowly & place it somewhere to dry out. Moisture will be present in & on the tape so it will take several day's in a warm area to completely dry out. Keep it ventalated.

Dvd to vhs

Technically shouldn't be a problem, You should look into the appliance's boolet to see how it's done.