What is the Vesta Orbit?

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Answered: Vesta probe name mission

Try googling "Dawn Mission".

Answered: I'm welder,adn where and how to become as Orbital certificate welder?

Yo, Mick. Orbital ain't used all that much except on high pressure pipe but it is good to have it on your WABO card. I got GTAW, SMAW, plasma cutting, and dissimilar metals down pretty good. Ain't that hard to get certified for orbital but you have to go back to school. They put you through the ...

Answered: Is the moon in orbit?

Actually, the moon is NOT in orbit around Planet earth: it merely keeps its distance from leftist liberals who ask stupid questions anonymously and answer them trying in vain to appear intelligent.

Answered: The moon's size & the moon's orbit

Amazing ! I never thought it had anything to do with human perception !

Answered: What is this reoccuring charge on my bank statement, Vesta*at

Vesta is a billing service for AA&T's GO PHONE ...They allowed $500.00 worth of charges on my DEBIT CARD without contacting me for user verification. I WAS NOT THE USER, only my name is on the card. ( Turned out to be my kid ) The only recourse for a refund of these charges is to legally prosecute ...
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Hello sir i want to know the how many satellites are available over the

Rough estimates say that there are approximately 12000 satellites orbiting earth. However a lot of them are outdated or inactive. Check out this article for more information

How Planets orbit the Sun?

http://www.schoolanduniversity.com/search?search=astronomyy the gravitational force exerted by the sun keeps them revolving in the orbit

What makes the moon orbit the earth?

I'm a biochemist, not an astronomer, but they don't hand out PhD degrees in exchange for cereal box tops. PGR, please try to understand that distance and eccentricity of parabolas play a pivotal role in orbital mechanics. Mass also enters the equation as the mass of one body in orbit affects the ...