What is the value of understanding cross-cultural psychology?

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Answered: Culture

My first wife was Mexican. Those cultural differences caused problems with her and I and with her family until the day she died. www.doudounehommepascher.com

Answered: My grandmother (adoptive mother) psychologically ...

Hi m. My heart goes out to you. You've been through so much in your relationship with your grandmother and extended family, and I can only imagine how hard it's been through the years. While you may not want to cut off ties altogether because of your little one, it definitely sounds like you need to ...

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Would these be from the KKK? The Masons? A fraternity? The CIA?

Answered: Cross country move - how to do it with two cats?

Hithere! I understand this is a major "move." you have to decide what is it that you "must" do. If U have to leave, then you must make choices that you don't like, but will get U were U must be. I have a daughter that has shipped puppies very many times to owners by plane. they are very careful w ...

Answered: My friend's psychological problems have gone ...

Tell your school counselor that your friend has displayed suicidal ideology then make friends who do not have the same sort of problems you have. People tend to feed off each other when they share these kinds of things and you really need to learn better coping skills than you can find through ...

Answered: What are the Major Psychological Theories

Talking about psychology. Frued should have taken up land/scaping. He would have been a winner in an asylum flower/garden. His buddy einstein. (ALEAS FRANKENSTEIN. Shouldn't have existed. Frued made sane people insane. And einstein found his relatives swinging in the trees. Psychiatry is a ...
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