what is the value of my national lampoon magazines?

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Answered: What is the valueof my jet magazine purchased in 1968 dedicated to the

Most people check on ebay for the value of their possessions. Usually there is something similar and you can get an idea of what your own item is worth.

Answered: Why does this nation zoom keep taking over my home page

I order to remove Nation Zoom virus from your computer I recommend you to follow this guide - http://www.deletevirus.net/nation-zoom-malware-in-browser-how-to-remove-nationzoom-com/

Answered: Value of a jet magazine 1968 (auto generated) janet league and neil

Jet is owned by Johnson Publishing Company. You can write to them and ask if the 1968 magazines you have are worth anything today. Here is their web site .

Answered: Does the Shiela Wood Magazine have a web site?

Did you goggle it first? it works real good for finding things like this.

Answered: What nationality is the last name Karam

Don't it mean, "Coward that sends his kids out wearing suicide bombs?" Try that around me and you will see blood, all right. First I gotta pop the kid, to keep the kid from killing too many more people, and then I'm going hunting for the lunatic that put the kid up to it.
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Value of Hot metal magazine collection

Auction these magazines on Ebay. Start the bid at 1$. If buyers are interested in them, the price can balloon to hundreds of dollars. Try it.

I have national geographic magazines dated from ...

whoa... you can sell it to magazine collectors... that will surely worth something especially if your collection are mint ones...

Where can I donate Highlights Magazine?

Thank you so much never thought of the doctors office

What is the $ value of a playboy magazine collection from 1963 to

Unfortunately, not sure. However, I am producing a Magazine. Feel free to email at L3artworks @yahoo.com. If your interested in Contributing, Advertising, Aritst, Writng, etc. - Larico L Lillard, L3Artworks.com myspace.com/L3artworks myspace.com/L3artworks2