what is the value of having blood work done when trying to determine a person's nutritional status?

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Answered: Account status

AOL members can view their account balance. Many banks allow you to see your account balance if you sign up for online access.

Answered: Blood work

Tina, Vic is right. It might be something simple like a problem with the tests themselves. Or it could be something really minor and they are covering all the bases. It's worth the follow up visit to find out. Good luck!

Answered: Email status "currently unavailable" WHY??

Hi Mary: You may temporarily be unable to list your e-mail because of upgrades or maintenance on the AOL mail system. During these normally brief periods of time you will not be able to see your online e-mail. Wait a little while and try again. However you may want to refresh your browser. For ...

Answered: Are the little veins that are on the outside of bananas nutritional or

Eat them or remove them, it's up to you. The meat of the banana is all you need.

Answered: Why is there no nutritional information on these ...

No body can understand what recipes you mean.

Answered: I have a recipe without nutritional value information, how can I compute

Search the internet for the nutritional value of that recipe. You can also scan magazines and books. Knowing the nutrition content of a food is a big help because you would know if its full of vitamins and minerals. Also, an every other day diet of a healthy food promotes health and wellness.
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