What is the value of an Accent student clarinet?

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Answered: They Make Fun of Our Accents

I live NJ, but do not have a Jersey accent.

Answered: Accented letters in AOL

Use Accessories, System Tools, Character Map, to choose accented letters. ÀìÇÉñê Or you can type them using the keypad: Alt+0233 gives é

Answered: I'm a freshman at Pace University and would like ...

Incoming Freshman do not have a year of college grades, so obviously the requirements couldn't possibly be the same. But here's a crazy idea. Since you're in college and obviously have a brain, why not use that brain and contact Fordham directly and do something totally off the wall and ASK ...

Answered: Are there any other southerners without a southern accent?

My guess would be you watched a lot of television as a child. I find that the Southern accent is dying very rapidly. I find that to be a very sad thing. There is so much correct about the accent, very akin to early modern English. The drawl and some of the words used, such as yonder and tot. Both ...

Answered: What is the value of a Selmer Clarinet purchased new in 1950

Depends on condition and what repairs need be done. Keep checking e bay to see.
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A great idea for teaching small children how to sight read, is to make up flash cards. Write to note on the staff (You can easily look that up if you yourself are not musically inclined) on the front, and the name of the note on the back. Go over these with her regularly, and she'll be reading music ...

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