what is the value of a yamaha fg461s acoustic guitar?

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Answered: Acoustic or Electric?

It doesn't really matter. It just depends on what style your looking to learn first. Acoustic guitars are less awkward to start off as you don't need an amplifier and a cable, and they are cheaper to buy. If you want to go into the rock style straight away then an electric guitar isn't a bad ...

Answered: Should i learn to play the accoustic or the electric guitar first?

Most guitarists ten to learn on acoustic or classical (nylon string) guitar, simply because electric guitar can be quite hard on fingers, especially if a child. Don't forget that with an electric guitar you'll need an amplifier, found here: http://www.camdensounds.co.uk/amplifiers.html

Answered: How do the online guitar lessons work? How would ...

You can learn guitar on DVD. That way you have someone going through the chords etc with you on video. Most good courses always provide support forums as well where you can learn from others on the course and see if you're doing it right :) They also provide jam along cds to help you in your play ...

Answered: Acoustic guitar retrofit ?

Why would you spend $350 for a tuning system? there are a wide varity of tuners out that cost anywhere from $15.00 upwards that work just fine on either electric or acoustic guitars. if your going to get one for acoustic just make sure it has a mic in it. I'd spend the $350 on a better guitar if ...

Answered: How to lower the action on acoustic electric guitar when pickup in the

First, you need to check the neck of the guitar is straight. This is performed using the truss rod. The truss rod is not there to adjust the action! Take a look at our guide on how to adjust your truss rod - http://www.guitarbitz.com/trussrod-adjustment-i50 Once your neck is straight, then ...

Answered: What do I look for when Buying acoustic/elctr Guitar , on fixed buget

Check out two of my blogs on this great question. It answers quite a bit http://www.lessonsthatrock.com/articles/how_to_buy_an_acoustic_guitar.html http://www.lessonsthatrock.com/articles/how_to_find_the_right_guitar.html
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Buying an acoustic guitar- Amplified or not?

Check out my blog on your question. It answers the idea of finding a guitar that fits your needs. http://www.lessonsthatrock.com/articles/how_to_find_the_right_guitar.html

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Can you put grover tuners on a Yamaha guitar?

Yes just tell the store you want them for a Yamaha.