what is the value of a queen elizabeth 1960 one dollar hong kong coin?

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Answered: Undated silver dollar

Look harder. If there's no date it's not legal tender and is likely a medallion of some sort. Or foreign. It sounds French to me. I'm not familiar with any kind of American coins that have draped busts on them. It may be a commemorative medallion, or who knows. But no date, no American coin. But ...

Answered: Are Hong kong dollar coins from 1977-1990 still good to use as currency

Read this for an explanation about the worth of the Hong Kong dollar.

Answered: Entry requirements to Hong Kong

if you need hongkong visa information, you can try this: http://hongkongvisa.org/

Answered: I don't really get the concept of reserved ...

The Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 made the dollar effectively the world currency. At that time the dollar was tied to gold at $35 per ounce, and other nations were inflating their currency by printing money. The US had more than half of the world's gold reserves at that time. But in 1971 (after ...
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