what is the value of a $500 , 1986 Madero Estados Unidos mexicanos coin?

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Answered: I am trying to find the value for a 1986, $50.00 Gold American Eagle coin

The price of your coin is based upon the current spot price of gold. You may want to keep it as they are good investments. See The American Gold Eagle: Why It is A Good Investment

Answered: How write and letters 500,000.00 dollars

$500,000.00 is five hundred thousand dollars.

Answered: 1986 Golden Dime

It is worth 10 cents. Some one has plated the coin after it left the mint. No gold dimes were issued by the U.S. mint

Answered: Coins, german, value, 10 pfennig, 1874

1874 10 pfennig has several varieties. based on your info the value can range from .99 to $29.99 depending on grade & variety. you can go on e-bay & click on world coins then click on german coins then type in your coins date & letter [ if any are present] hit search then match your coin to one of ...

Answered: What is the average ft lbs to turn over a 500CI cadillac engine

The only time Cadillac produced a 500 CID engine was in 1971-1972, and those in limited production, due to its poor performance and poorer reliability. Cadillac began buying the time tested GM 454 CID engine and used that in their Coupe DeVille, Cimarron, and Fleetwood models from 1973-2014 ...

Answered: Acer a500 tablet charging

Either your charger or your tablet is broken. That'll be $85 please.
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I have a golden colored 1986 U.S dime.Does this coin have any value?

Hi, I've collected coins for over 40 years and without seeing the coin, I'd quess its discolored from either being in contact with the paper roll it was in at one time, or other enviromental factors. I've had coins I've put in paper back coin albums to turn shades of color around the edges and on ...