what is the value of a 2001 20 dollar bill?

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Answered: Some say that dollar is about to collapse because of the enormous debt US

This may help you decide. A nation's paper currency is actually a promissory note. The nation guarantees it will redeem that note for something of value, perhaps gold or silver if the currency has a "hard" base. If the currency is based on goods and services provided, the issuing nation ...

Answered: How is dollar value of ivory determined

I thought it was illegal to buy or sell ivory.

Answered: Value of old stained glass windows from demolished portland or houses I

They're worth more than $1 and less than $1,000,000. Without seeing them how could anyone possibly tell you what they're worth?

Answered: Why is the US Dollars increasing in value? How is it happening when the

At the time this was posted the dollar was rising because the old was terrified that all the economies were going to collapse. The US is still the most stable of any country and the least likley to have a total meltdown unlike other countries that rely on us to buy their products.

Answered: 1,500,000.00 Sterling. what is value in US dollars

2,146,500.29 http://coinmill.com/GBP_USD.html

Answered: Buying dollar bills

Yes, buy Dollar Bills. I sell them for a Dollar each. Everyone loves American DOLLAR BILLS! I am a collector.
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What happens to interest rates and the value of the dollar when the

Interest rates will fall to even lower than they are now and any strength the dollar had managed to crawl back, it will probably lose!

Does the Bush Administration want the dollar to plummet?

lol i dont agree at all. is the economy growing? no. great job bush supporters. losers.

What is the value of a 1990 dollar today? How much house did a 1990

I am sorry to say that I do not have an accurate answer to that question. I can remember back in the 80's and 90's when I use to go to the store; the money would certainly go 3 times farther than now. I would assume that a home that cost 20,000 then would cost more like 48,000 now. Just guessing ...

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