what is the tourist approach in early childhood classroom?

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Answered: Discussthree key shifts in classroom dynamics since the 1700s that have

I know that I have posted this before, but I like it.

Answered: What is tourist approach in teaching multicultural education?

it's better to stay with the basic like the historical events and or the historical facts about the place. http://www.hotelcocorio.com/

Answered:   Successful Projects in the Early Childhood Classroom

Simple lessons presented in a stern tone of voice have shown to be much harder to communicate than those same lessons in a playful tone; with the absence of pressure in the latter, children are seen to deliver more correct answers. Early childhood classes then revolve around the idea that though ...

Answered: What are the early childhood standards?

Teaching a child how to read is another type of childhood lessons , and is more often than not one of the most difficult to maneuver through, considering that does not recognize letters yet. Although, if effectively taught, reading can be a gateway to an infinite path of learning. To get the right ...

Answered: Homework question in early childhood education

Sorry, I've never heard of any of these programs.

Answered: What is early puberty with normal blood tests ...

Wackipedia looks to have a good entry on this- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precocious_puberty
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Universally, the USA is way behind in training early childhood workers. We still have many preschools run by mothers who have spare time on their hands. They are providing a service to the community for $10 an hour (if they are lucky). Very few preschools are providing children with staff who at ...

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At $11 per hour you would have to work 48-hour weeks (with time and a half over 40 hours) to make $30,000. 40-hour weeks would get you $22,880.

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Mary Sue, if you have Amish children in your public school, it is because their family left the community and will never return. This is the only time you will find Amish children in a public school setting, because the Amish communities have their own schools, and are not under local, state ...