what is the time limit for a medicaid claim in florida?

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Answered: My mother was placed on Medicaid in Oct of 2007 ...

Kat, You are not responsible for your mother's bills. You do not have to pay the pharmacy one dime. The pharmacy can file a claim with your mother's estate. If your mother left any money behind, creditors have 6 months to file a claim with the estate. If they don't file a claim, they don't get ...

Answered: I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and I got a better job that pays more, what is

Go on myflorida website Has info on how to get benefits as well as how much money per person in household you can have before losing benefits.

Answered: Need great information on Florida medicaid rules?

What kind of information do you seek? Is it legalities or medicaid per Florida Statute? There is a significant amount of information, but it would be helpful to narrow it down this broad based category as well as state the specific county in Florida you are interested in. I am not an attorney, only ...

Answered: If my eldery mom moves to Florida and requires medicaid assistance for

Get her Humana Gold Plus ....It covers everything 100% 96 dollars is taken from your SS check monthly.....Good luck this is unique to Florida does not exist let say in NY!

Answered: Is there a limit to how many questions we can ask in a time-period?

Yedda wants all the questions it can get and does not limit either the QUANTITY or the QUALITY of the questions. Some questions are totally unintelligible, yet they get posted anyway. No restraints, no constraints, no quality control! Rob

Answered: My mother paid me rent will that disqualify her for medicaid

NO!, she would have to pay someone rent to live. Now if YOU are receiving some kind of government assistance, then you would have to look into it for yourself.
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