what is the thing called jewelers look at diamonds clarity with?

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I have an online jewelry store in mind that has some mesmerizing collection of Engagement Rings , its B2CJewels.com . They have some fabulous collection of engagement rings in different settings right from solitaire settings to three stone settings. Apart from that, they offer you the option of ...

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Can I buy a setting without buying a diamond?

Of course, you can buy anything.

What exactly is a diamond?

diamonds are one of the most hardest stones if not the most hardest, it is the birthstone jewelry for those who are born in April although diamonds are also considered as gemstone jewelry depending on how an artisan use it. diamonds are also the most favorite stone for engagement rings.


There are many validated and accentuated place for selling the diamond. One best alternative to search for the best one is to go online and check the most reliable one. http://www.24diamonds.com/