what is the thesis statement in salvation by Langston hughes?

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Answered: Thesis statement

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Answered: Thesis

Same old crap. I guess that it was too much to hope for. Who shall be the scum buckets? Those who are hoping to sell a product to those who are too lazy to do the work of attaining a doctoral degree.

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Well, keep waiting. You are going to wait a long long time.

Answered: Anne tyler-teenage wasteland- The thesis I came up ...

sometimes you need to run away to find your way, otherwise your only influenced by the same factors and caught in something you don't belong to.

Answered: Possible Dante essay thesis statements?

Maybe you could go the Helen Boch. She would have some advice for you.
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Gay pederasts have no business around kids. Therefore, since these loons are all leftist liberals, then they should also be kept under due scrutiny.

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