what is the the vex spirit?

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Answered: There is a spirit with me that wants to move on

use you common sense send me all your money

Answered: The Spirit of God

Jameslee102447 is the christ.

Answered: Demontic spirit What does demontic spirit mean

In his book, Postmodern Magic, subtitled, The Art of Magic in the Information Age, contemporary magician, Patrick Dunn, divides, "spirits," up into 10 categories, which I find useful. He defines them as he has experienced them. His categories are as follows: 1) Incidental Spirits, 2) Inimical ...

Answered: Why does a spirit follow a child all through childhood and into

I believe there are many spirits around us, not just one. However, over 57 yrs of friends, family and acquaintances passing.....I have felt spiritual presence at different times, the strongest time usually was immediately upon their passing to weeks afterwards. I believe time is multi-dimensional ...
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What is the gift of trevailing in the spirit

Greetings! I remember a very interesting case that was well-documented by the MD on it regarding laying on of hands and praying over the patient. The group was comprised mainly of charismatic Catholics who were part of the patient's congregation. The man was admitted into the hospital chocker ...

Does spirit vinegar contain any alcohol?

No! Of course, vinegar contains a plain acetic acid that is why vinegar is acidic in nature. Usually vinegar has a lot of importance in our need such that if we cooked in our kitchen we use it as one of those major ingredients. In contrary alcohol made from various different substances found in ...


to charline sometimes dream reflect ower days and troubles as well as feelings, stress,or even something that has happened so take your dream as a sign and just hope its just stress.

Were You Spirit Before Becomming Flesh, Will Your Flesh Be Changed To

Hi James You asked the question were we spirits before becomming flesh, and will we change to spirit again whe Christ returns. I think you are always a spirits, I also believe, that when we die we move on to the spirit world, Whatever that may be or however it may be. So put simply yes we are all ...