what is the The Colloquy of Monos and Una about?

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Answered: Returning to school with Mono

Hi Lynn You should go back to the doctor if you need a note for her but she needs to just stay at home and rest until she is much better. With mono, your body has no energy so going back to school will make her worse. She needs to rest until she feels much better. You could start letting her go ...

Answered: Do I have Mono?

When I had mono, I had the worst sore throat of my life for about a week and a half. The glands in your neck are usually tender and swollen. The swelling went down and the sore throat went away after 10 days or so, but the tiredness and general energy drain lasted a lot longer. If you think you ...

Answered: How do I switch from a (mono) bluetooth headset ...

I didn't quite understand your problem, Are you using an headset and headphones as well ? Be more specific, I may be able to help.

Answered: Problemas de acceso a una cuenta

Hi, Carlos: So I can better assist you, could you tell me what error messages you are receiving? Thank you.

Answered: Mono in Italian

I believe it means alone.
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How to treat chronic mono

Generally, treatment for infectious mononucleosis involves bed rest and a high fluid intake. In some cases, antibiotics may be prescribed in cases when bacterial infections accompany mono, such as a strep throat. Antibiotics are usually not prescribed to treat mono because they are not very ...

Espacio de una moving van

Mike, how much room there is in a moving van will depend upon the size of the van. If you're renting a moving truck, there are usually several sizes of trucks from which to choose. If you're using a moving company, they will determine the space your belongings require and place them on a truck with ...

What does mi mono mean?

Mono means one. as in Monolog - one person speaking, Monopoly - as in one person/company owning something.If you are refering to mono as in mononucleous that is a disease and is on one cell type of the body. Also mon as in monorail being that the train runs on one track as opposed to two. Carole ...