What is the term "Preferred Product Location" used to describe?

What is the term "Preferred Product Location" used to describe?

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Answered: How do I set/change my preferred location?

Not to answer my own question or anything, but... Ah, how's the weather up in Fargo? Don'tcha know that Moviefone displays showtimes for theaters based on the location you've set. You can also search for theater showtimes in other areas. If you haven't set your preferred location on Moviefone ...

Answered: Terms paper?

Hey there, how you doing? well there are services that offer affordable and cheap term papers on multiple topics. One of my friends took help from http://www.writengine.com/term-papers/affordable-termpaper for one of her term paper in her college days and was pretty much satisfied with the results ...

Answered: Short term rental apartment or house

You obviously have a computer. You obviously know what Craigslist is. Why not just go there and look? Why come to AOL Answers?

Answered: The aol answer's term's of use

I agree with the above poster on all points except a narrow technical one. What she says is generally true. This is also true. When a member of Yedda puts up a Christian prayer as a question and it is summarily deleted by Staff, this has nothing to do with the Terms of Use and constitutes the ...
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