what is the symbol for multiple sclerosis?

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Answered: What does text symbol W mean?

In proofreading, WW means wrong word. Wdy means wordy. In texting, W can mean with. W8 is wait.

Answered: Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis

That is awesome that you have lost weight so far. I am a few pounds overweight myself. A couple of years ago I started going for walks. This is when I started having problems with my vision (later I found out it was Optic Neuritis). It seems that when I overwork myself that is when I have a flare-up ...

Answered: Night terrors resulting from multiple sclerosis

I am not a dr. but am fairly well-versed with MS. I think the answer is YES. However, I'd discuss this with my neuro, my GP and a psychiatrist. It's known that depression is a symptom of MS and for those of us predisposed to depression it's only worse. I had what I can only describe as an "out of ...

Answered: Can i find the ouroborous symbol

Search for "ouroboros image" and you will find several. Wikipedia has a few. Photobucket says they have 916 images.

Answered: Breast cancer and Copaxone

I have been taking Copaxone for 6 years and was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. I found your question through Google because I am wondering the same thing. So far, what I have found does not show any increased incidence - but I have only read one study. From what I have read, MS itself ...
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\o/ Could be a cheerleader or someone saying "Hooray!"

Multiple sclerosis symptoms is hoarseness a symptom of ms

Hoarseness isn't one of the symptoms of MS. MS is a disease of nerves, and it may come with fatigue, or confusion, numbness, pain, vision problems, or walking problems. Hoarseness may be caused by upper respiratory infection, or by GERD, or by overuse of the voice (like cheering at a game, or ...