What is the success rate for Medical Malpractice suits against the Veterans Administration?

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Answered: How do democrats view Veterans?

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Answered: What compensation can I expect in a medical ...

Presumably there was some reason to remove a testicle, such as a lump or pain, and suspected cancer. You should have been told that you could have a second opinion before the operation. And you must have consented to the procedure before they operated. So by malpractice you must mean that you ...

Answered: Is the failure to refer to a medical specialist medical negligence?

It would be almost impossible to get legal representation, for 'failure to refer'. As I've been told by many lawyers, the unwritten rule of thumb is: one must suffer either loss of life, or limb, to pursue a case. Med mal suits are very expensive and very few (if any) lawyers are willing to take on ...

Answered: Medical assistants are in demand everywhere from ...

There might be some certifications that are still needed for you be able to enter the military as a medical assistant. You need to have something in your medical assistant job description that they will deem useful.

Answered: How can a case of malpractice be proved? There are so many ways a doctor

Some of the most common medical malpractice are medication error, wrong diagnosis and faulty surgery. As long as you have a strong evidence that a medical malpractice happened, I think you have a chance at it. Better if you are going to get a new jersey medical malpractice attorney as soon as ...

Answered: How do i find out if my doctor has had any previous malpractice suits

In the US each State has a licensing eneity. In Florida, it is the Department of Health. A website is available to supply this information. In the UK, I would check for the same information. Who is the Licensing entity? Perhaps the Province in which you reside. meetze94 aka ...
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