what is the song played at the end of the movie the vow?

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Answered: Looking for an old country song

"Friday Night Fool" by Roger Bowling (which he wrote) for the feature filmThe Exterminator (1982) It's rare and hard to find. GL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjHbQn467Dw&feature=related

Answered: Name of song with these lyrics sit me up straight in my chair comb my

Theme for an American Hero by Chip Taylor. Available on iTunes

Answered: Need the name of a song

One of these 1 New Soldiers Vs. Old Soldiers Joel McNeely 2 The Chain Fight Joel McNeely 3 Welcome to Hell Joel McNeely 4 Todd Is Exiled Joel McNeely 5 Soldier Ships Arrive Joel McNeely 6 One Against Many Joel McNeely 7 The Final Battle Joel McNeely 8 Redemption Joel ...

Answered: I tried to learn to play the guitar when I was a ...

No, No, No. It is learned through diligence and practice. All you need is the passion. You ARE born with those 3 abilities. The talent is just the icing on the cake afterwards which applies to about 2% of players out there. Dr Ron Grassi Jupiter Florida
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The song playing when JP first comes into the movie.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0456554/ there r two http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0013201/

70's song gotta get up to get down get your booty on the floor

Might be a couple different ones. The first one is from 1971, the late great Harry Nilsson. The other one I recall is by Coolio. (not my fav) See comments

Wedding vows

wedding vows originally derived from the bible, where man was made for women. To sacrifice like jesus, in the bible there is a chapter to where man leaves his family and goes to his wife. so wedding vows have existed for a while since the bible,though there is no mention in the bible of the exact ...