what is the smallest caliber gun can you deer hunt with in NC?

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Answered: What counties in 1945 in wisconsin were shotgun only for deer season

It would be hard to say. Talk to the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources to know of a certainty.

Answered: Is it ok to hunt deer in the city limiets with a bow

i live in a city and it is legal to hunt with a bow in city limits by you could always ask a fish and game warden

Answered: My husband and I would like to try bow hunting this year. How do you know

You have to find out the strength of pull that fits the best for you. The best thing to do this is go to a bow hunting club and ask for assistance.

Answered: I am looking to buy a new riflefor big game hunting [deer].undiced on

I,ve owned and used both, I prefer the 270 for its flat trajectery but the 308 has more impact at the 100 yard range i think but for thicker brush or grass the 308 is a better choice. I'm sure you have friends that have both, ask them to let ya try them and make up you're own mind.. Enjoy the ...

Answered: Deer hunting rear view mirror

Did you ever find out where to buy a mirror for your deer stand? I would like to buy one too. Don Rutledge

Answered: Hunting deer

Don't you have something better to do, than hunt poor, innocent deer?? I know that this is probably a 'fun' hobby of yours, but I just don't understand it. What is it that you get from the kill, except for knowing that you have taken an innocent life? Can you explain it to me?
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Looking for some good locations in units 12,13,23,24 to hunt deer on

I think this is illegal. Which means the location you seek does not exist. Dork!

Deer hunting in Wisconsin?

Hey viva, that website is very useful. Do you also know such websites for other states?

Hunting trips

I would recommend Montana. It is really one of the most beautiful places in all of the US. They have great guided trips. Here is a site that I think you'll find helpful. I hope this helps and have fun.