what is the slang term docking?

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Answered: 86th? Where did the term Your 86th come from?

"You're 86ed" means you are being thrown out or refused service. One source from 1933 says it was soda fountain shorthand for "we're all out".

Answered: What is the slang term for the drug "Tom"

Tom sounds like the slang word.

Answered: What slang term is often used for an Assassin?

Hitman, triggerman, shooter, mechanic, many more.

Answered: Terms paper?

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Answered: Panama slang term

A panahoochie is a Panamanian person.

Answered: New Terms and Conditions

Hi there: The AOL Privacy Policy covers the collection and use of information from any device used to access or connect to AOL branded websites, services, and software, as well as many websites owned by or affiliated with AOL ad operating under different names. In short, the Privacy Policy ...
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Are people who talk slang dumb?

Slangs are words created by people to make easy and fast chatting in a group, these slang words get popular all over the world because of its freshness. Get different popular slangs with use and meaning here http://slanghub.com/what-does-hmu-mean/.

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I don't know what you are refering to. I didn't use slang. I'm only asking for help.