What is the significance of the Persian Wars (494-480 BC)?

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Answered: War: the gift of leftist liberals.

Anonymous, unfortunately you disclose the "doomsday" mentality of leftists, and why leftists were recruited into the disbanded Strategic Air Command -- because rational persons would take no part in such a misadventure that the Soviets and Chinese made necessary. The nasty part is that only leftist ...

Answered: Do we have significance in the Universe?

As human beings ...yes. As superior beings?...No.

Answered: Persian rug

You can find it online. Many online portals sells rugs of various collection. Rugsandblinds, Rugsusa and many more.

Answered: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan............

Does the leftist Muslim Atheist poster understand that when he posts on these old questions and his aliases are the only ones on them nobody else will see his insane posts?

Answered: German army infantry 45th division world war one. did they have the

WWI units didn't use the Swastika. They used the Maltese Cross and Stroba (lightning bolts) used on SS uniforms through 1945. The Maltese Cross is still the heraldic device for Germany.

Answered: B.C. to A.D.

It is 4 centuries from 401 BC to 1 BC, and 1 century from 1 AD to 101 AD, for a total of 5 centuries.
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Good answer chucho. Like chucho said, do your part. You don't have to land a rocket on the moon, or be the next american idol, or anything else to be significant, just be the best you can be and try to make everyone else's life around you a little better everyday and you will reap the rewards of a ...

War is over?

A preacher of hate who was booted out of Britain has been arrested by anti-terror police in Kenya. Abdullah el-Faisal, 45, was seized on New Year’s Eve after speaking at a Mombasa mosque. The fanatical Muslim cleric was jailed for nine years in Britain in 2003 after being convicted of incitement ...


Some insight from our angels just before the Iraq War began. Is war the answer? How many times has it been said, “this is the final straw. We, as a society of human beings, must go to war to protect what is rightfully ours.” Is this human nature or just a fabrication to go to war? Let me say ...