what is the shelf life of betty crocker cookie icing?

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Answered: What is in the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix pouch? I know how to make

I'm not 100% sure either but nothing beats a regular sugar cookie recipe. I think Betty Crockers are way too sweet and I don't care for them. We use a cut-out recipe that has to be refridgerated over night before we use it.

Answered: How do you turn on cookies on a compputer

Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Security Tab - I would Select - Reset all zones to Default Level ----------- Next Privacy Tab - Setting - Medium. It's your choice of how strict you want your settings. -------------- For Internet Explorer you can also go to Tools at the top if you have ...

Answered: Just bought some cookies 8/26/2008 shelf date is may 2008 how bad are

J- Check the label for the amount of (poly)unsaturated fats. The higher this number, the worse they will be. But taste one and see. I am thinking that they will still be fine. JayR

Answered: Shelf life of can beer and soda

Thanks, that is all I needed.

Answered: How many cookies oreo 3 pound box 10 packages

I have to wonder about leftists and their dietary wreckage.
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