what is the scrap price for mig welding wire?

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Answered: There's a benefit to roasting your welding wire and rod.

It is a great thing that hippie-crits and leftist morons never pass WABO. That way we can be sure those idiots were never at the stinger so we can always be sure of quality welds. It always works out for the best that leftists are always on clean up duty at minimum wage, never doing high impact ...

Answered: There's a benefit to roasting your welding wire and rod.

Funny. Our token leftist ain't a certified welder so she is worthless. All there is to it, just plain worthless. Course, leftists can't do any thing else right either, so I'm on safe ground proving leftists are all just plain worthless. Maybe that's why they all live on shameful handouts from ...

Answered: Scrap car prices

From Speedy scrap car, you can get the best scrap car prices.

Answered: Scrap Car

If the car is in sound mechanical condition, you would be able to get sale for it at an acceptable price. If your car needs a little bit of repairing/maintenance, it would be better if you got those mended and then sell it, since it will fetch you a better sum. However, if your car is not ...

Answered: Where can you scrap a scooter at

Here in Trenton, I had been to the SIMS recycling plant to sell auto scrap because not much was left of our old car but a battered piece of junk. Here’s more info on them if you’re interested - http://us.simsmm.com/Locations/New-Jersey/Trenton-NJ . Find out which scrap yard accepts auto scrap in ...

Answered: Scrap copper

You may sell or buy Scraps I have found a list of scrap buyers and sellers world wide.They are giving very good service for Scrap Trade.Here You can list your scraps and You can buy scarps from there.You can find the updated price of scraps.
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It's way more trouble than it's worth. Stand on the corner with a cardboard sign. You can make two hundred a day.

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For a fair deal on all my scrap metal, I usually go down to the SIMS recycling center near my place. You can know more about it at by visiting http://us.simsmm.com/Locations/New-York/Hudson-River-Recycling . Check with your local junkyards whether they purchase car body as scrap, and strike a ...