what is the scrap price for mig welding wire?

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Answered: There's a benefit to roasting your welding wire and rod.

Handy advice, Trampo. I'll start roasting my welding rod and wire as of tonight. It just won't weld while it is wet.

Answered: There's a benefit to roasting your welding wire and rod.

Funny. Our token leftist ain't a certified welder so she is worthless. All there is to it, just plain worthless. Course, leftists can't do any thing else right either, so I'm on safe ground proving leftists are all just plain worthless. Maybe that's why they all live on shameful handouts from ...

Answered: Scrap car prices

From Speedy scrap car, you can get the best scrap car prices.

Answered: Whats the welding procedure for allied attachments thumb that goes on

Okay, let's start with the beginning. Let's say you are installing that thumb and it didn't come with a thumb. You will have these parts. Thumb (can be a grate, grill, or plate). Thumb cylinder. Can be 1 or 2 cylinders depending on how you set your hydraulic system pressure. Use 1 cylinder if ...

Answered: Scrap Car

If the car is in sound mechanical condition, you would be able to get sale for it at an acceptable price. If your car needs a little bit of repairing/maintenance, it would be better if you got those mended and then sell it, since it will fetch you a better sum. However, if your car is not ...

Answered: Price for electrician to wire Outdoor sauna?

You really should try to do this job yourself and save the money it is relatively easy and almost any electrical supply house will tell you how and what you need
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