what is the root of obesity in a functionalist perspective?

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Answered: What are estragale roots

Estragole is found in basil and tarragon. Perhaps you mean astragalus root. http://www.webmd.com/heart/astragalus-root-heart-benefits-side-effects

Answered: I can't understand people who are overweight let alone obese and aren't

Garbage cans are soft and squishy? I got the damp part, but the soft and squishy is a bit hard to handle.

Answered: Your perspective on obesity?

A person should be responsible on what he eats. He must think carefully if the food gives benefit to his body or not. Also, there are fat loss for idiots review that can help if he has difficulties on making a decision which can help him lose weight.

Answered: How much of people being out of control do you ...

Steve, you're eating too much Costco pizza and too many crappy Subway subs. That's why you're so obese.

Answered: Weight Loss Surgery for Obesity I want regular surgery to get the obese

OK, so you do not want LapBands, Gastric bands, etc. how about gastric bypass, stomaphyx or bariatric surgery? Liposuction is available too. The results are much quicker than banding anyway too.

Answered: Edible Root?

or some libriam
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I don't think it's true, across the board, as some people's excess weight does place a toll on their health. But think of it in the same light as those weighted accessories that some people wear while training. If you spend everyday toting around excess weight, your body develops strength and ...

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