what is the relationship between place and literature?

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Answered: What does a relationship mean to you?

Hai, It means faithful and understanding.

Answered: Literature forms

The two main genres of literature are fiction and nonfiction. Some of the sub genres include narrative nonfiction, essays, biography's, autobiography's, speech, poetry, fantasy, humor, fable, fairy tales, science fiction, short story, folklore, historical fiction, horror, tall tale, legend ...

Answered: "Positivism" in Literature?

I just found this: http://books.google.com.mx/books/about/The_reflection_of_positivism_in_English.html?id=z1UaAAAAIAAJ&redir_esc=y

Answered: How to fix a gas fire place i have a non electric ...

For anyone who is getting some problems in lighting the pilot of the gas fireplace, this might be a sign that your particular gas supply has become exhausted. If this isn't the reason, maybe it's a defective thermocouple on the gas insert which should be fixed by an expert. No matter what it is ...

Answered: Love and relationship

You are asking something that is difficult to answer with so little information. How old are the two of you. How long were you together. Why did you separate. Impertinent to the answer. Therefore I must say to you, answer these questions, look at what you had or did not have and you will get ...

Answered: How does literature reflect communities

It effects culture and beliefs.
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