what is the relationship between my Niece's daughter and me?

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Answered: How can a 37 year old mother decide she is a lesbian and leaves her home

Shit happens. She may have been a lesbian all along, but was never able to admit it until she fell in love. And trust me, she's doing it for more than sex. And maybe she got sick and tired of being battered constantly by 'godly' people spouting their bullshit about gays and lesbians being evil and ...

Answered: Why the fathers love the daughters the most?

I am sorry to say that a good father will love his children equally ( like the song a fathers love ) Be it boy or girl and what makes the difference. As they our yours as long as they are healty.

Answered: Mother-daughter relationship

Very simple: Write / record it / send her an e-mail / send her a letter (snail-mail) / leave her a note / tell her face-2-face...... put your hands on your heart, look at her eyes and tell her exactly what you feel and want to say (but, only the truth, don't fake !). If necessary repeat it untill ...

Answered: Relationship with my adult daughter

Hi Ann. You mentioned that you think she feels you're trying to "control" her, as if you two have had issues with this in the past... ? If it's true, let her do what she will this time without being upset. She will call you eventually, and when she does, don't make a big deal about her not worrying ...

Answered: Selling Your Daughter's Virginity: Abuse?

Have you ever explored the website everyone has available to look at for your local perv? Most women jailed for sexual abuse of a minor do this. We really should control who gets to have children in this country or at least get them licensed to be a parent.

Answered: What does a relationship mean to you?

Hai, It means faithful and understanding.
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Mother/daughter relationships

Don't criticize her decision ever. Once you start criticizing her decision, she will know you were not sincere when you said you accepted her decision. Grin and bear it Mom.

How do I gain full custody of my niece that lives with my father in

Find a good attorney and file for custody as it sounds you have a good chance of winning but you have other states involved make sure of your attorney is aware of all the facts of this case. As you say you are disabled it does have a bearing on it but if you can prove you are able to take care of ...

Www.daughter/mother relationships daughter dating mothers cousin and

How to handle what situation? You have not said what you need to handle. What is your goal? What are you trying to do? Do you have any authority to do anything at all?

How to help my adult daughter to realize how wrong it is to use the

The simple way is you can take her out and tell her about the issue in kind manner bcoz now days girl are very sensitive nobody knows what is going in there mind there will sudden dicision...... you have to handle in polite manner and more advices. for more information about this topic just login ...