what is the relationship between high potassium levels in patients with low blood sugar?

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Answered: Writing a book and need info. What is protocol of EMT when responding to

The true answer is it depends on the state. In RI if the patient is alert and oriented and able to swallow we give oral glucose. If they are not we can give glucagon IM. Paramedics can give dextrose in an IV. It varies fom stat to state and also varies with level of care.

Answered: Why are there more hormones that respond to the low blood sugar than

The human body is a product of thousands of years of evolution. During most of that time, not having enough food was a bigger problem than having too much. So it was far more important for survival to be able to handle situations of lack of food. Only in the last couple of decades has obesity become ...

Answered: Why is my blood pressure very high when simple walking and very low when

I have same issue and am being sent for a heart scan and kidney scan.

Answered: Glucose reading confusion

I have diabetes and the key to manage my blood sugar levels is diet. I had the same problem You have and resolved with not eating white flour. Here some quotes from "Hypoglycemic diet blog " Forget about white flour. It’s not the ideal food for diabetic people. Instead of white flour, you can ...

Answered: What is considered high blood sugar level?

hello, don't compromise with your sugar level if it is high and you feel thirsty, weight loss without any workout, then it is going towards high blood sugar level.
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I think you have symptoms of low blood pressure meaning your blood pressure is abnormally low. I suggest you visit a physician.

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The answer is yes. What you are describing is the same as what a person with diabetes can experience when he/she is having a very low blood sugar level. I have diabetes, but I have never experienced this, but I have read of cases where this has happened. I would also talk to your vet and ask for ...

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The normal range is: 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L. (mEq/L = milliequivalent per liter)

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Elden has an excellent answer. - I am the same, and generally feel better after eating a piece of fruit, banana is best.