What is the red rectangle on the back of the chinese divers at the Olympics?

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Answered: International olympics

Norway is correct. The population of Norway is now 5 million.

Answered: Are the Olympics a gay event? There's too much interest in figure skating

Figure skating is very pretty. The ladies in this event are dedicated and very passionate about their art, as are couples and single men. But: Leftists hate men so much that if men take part in even the smallest way, leftists condemn it horrendously. Therefore: Leftists have no sense of art or ...

Answered: Chinese Gymnasts

The rules are clear. In the year of competition the athlete must be 16. To enter younger athletes is cheating. And it appears that the Chinese may have cheated by changing the ages of the gymnasts. Younger athletes are more flexible since their bones are not fully formed. Psychologically they ...

Answered: Does doubling the adjacent sides of a rectangle double the area?

Note that we have doubled two dimensions: (x) and (y). Hence we have (x^2)*(y^2). Canceling, we find: (xy)^2. The product area is 4X.

Answered: Diver

I didn't find a phone number, but I did find two websites with information about him. Perhaps you can contact him through these sites. http://safetycenter.navy.mil/MEDIA/fathom/issues/JanMar00/JanMar00.txt http://www.underwater.com/archives/arch/044.03.shtml
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Is there a reason why this question has been asked three times by three different people? Is there some type of sports trivia contest going on somewhere on AOL?

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2012 Olympics" redirects here. For the Winter Youth Olympics, see 2012 Winter Youth Olympics . "London 2012" redirects here. For the 2012 Paralympic Games, see 2012 Summer Paralympics . Games of the XXX Olympiad This is the clear version of the official logo. There are four official base ...