What is the red rectangle on the back of the chinese divers at the Olympics?

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Answered: Does doubling the adjacent sides of a rectangle double the area?

Note that we have doubled two dimensions: (x) and (y). Hence we have (x^2)*(y^2). Canceling, we find: (xy)^2. The product area is 4X.

Answered: Chinese Gymnasts

The rules are clear. In the year of competition the athlete must be 16. To enter younger athletes is cheating. And it appears that the Chinese may have cheated by changing the ages of the gymnasts. Younger athletes are more flexible since their bones are not fully formed. Psychologically they ...

Answered: How many medals did UK win in olympics

third most medal with a total of 65, behind on the US and china

Answered: What date london olympics rings removed bridge

The Olympic rings removed a bridge? Huh? Does anyone here know how to speak English and ask a question that makes sense????????????????

Answered: Diver

I didn't find a phone number, but I did find two websites with information about him. Perhaps you can contact him through these sites. http://safetycenter.navy.mil/MEDIA/fathom/issues/JanMar00/JanMar00.txt http://www.underwater.com/archives/arch/044.03.shtml
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In the olympic track and field rails, what dose little q and big Q mean

the top two people in each qualifying heat automatically advance with a big Q, there are a few spots for the qualifiers based on time, they advance with a little q. that way if you run in a really fast heat, you can still advance if you dont come in first or second.

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36 inches peri. With a 12" length, your formula is going to be x*12=36 To solve for X, you end up with x=36/12 That is..... 3 inches.

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2012 Olympics" redirects here. For the Winter Youth Olympics, see 2012 Winter Youth Olympics . "London 2012" redirects here. For the 2012 Paralympic Games, see 2012 Summer Paralympics . Games of the XXX Olympiad This is the clear version of the official logo. There are four official base ...