what is the range of a 3x3 MIMO antenna array?

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Answered: From Dish to Antenna

dear friend yes. if you install a proper antenna on the roof [in the line of sight of tv transmitter],you will receive the local channels. sincerely rahmati [antenna engineer] from IRAN rahmatikhalil@yahoo.com 10 june 2009

Answered: Number of sub arrays in an array

If by not broken you mean that a sub-array, is an array in itself then: To choose a subarray, one has to chose the left-top corner of the sub-array, and the right-bottom corner of the subarray. So any pair of distinct coordinates defines a subarray and ofcourse any coordinate is a subarray. To ...

Answered: Step by step solve this

Even if you assume the missing operator is + (because - shows correctly), the coordinates do not match the equations.

Answered: Differences of assembling Ductless or Ducted Kitchen Range Hoods,anybody

Ductless doesnt do much except partially charcoal filter the intake and then blow it back out into your space.

Answered: Outside antenna signal clarity

In reality, any "Antenna" should deliver a Signal to Ur box IF (BIG IF) Ur Coax, twin lead etc. is in good shape. Use an "Ohm Meter" to test for continuity by shorting one end of the wires together & connecting the Meter to the other end. If it shows "Short" then seperate the 2 wires & the "Short ...

Answered: Magic TV Antenna

You can use amplifier to boost your reception and have a better signal. If you want to try, rent it first then feel the satisfaction before buying a right one.
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How to Install an indoor HDTV Antenna with Dish ...

dear friend for better tv receiption it is neccessary the receiver antenna must be in the line of sight of tv transmitter antenna. an RF expert can use a low power MODULATOR for re radiating tv signal[received with roof antenna].try to find someone in your sity rahmati[antenna engineer] from IRAN ...

Anybody got a good circut for an antenna matcher ...

dear friend by using an LC PI MODEL and an instrument SWR METER you can do this. do you have the instrument?????? sincerely rahmati{antenna engineer] from Iran rahmatikhalil@yahoo.com 3 june 2009

What is the Range of this Telephone ?

Hi Barbara, Panasonic KX TG 6445T has a frequency of 1.9GHz with 60 channels meaning it has a range of around 10m to almost 30m but depending on the interference. It's a good model because it has a digital telephone answering functions.

What can i use as a antenna mast that isnt so exspensive

dear friend you may use a metal water pipe[size 3/4] as a mast [length 6 m] with three guy wires. ground it for protecting lightening. sincerely rahmati [antenna engineer] from IRAN rahmatikhalil@yahoo.com 1 june 2009