What is the punishment for possession of a stolen firearm in NC?

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Answered: Firearm store that buys firearms

does anyone know of any firearms dealers that buy guns that I have inhereted. I have no use for them and just want a fair price. I refuse to sell to a pawn shop that gives you ten cents on the dollar. Can anyone help me with the names of some gun dealers.

Answered: When a person commits domestic violence, assaults ...

Debbe C., I'm not a lawyer but to my knowledge, if a felony is plea-bargained down to a misdemeaner, then it goes on his record as a misdemeaner and cannot be changed back to a felony. I does sound as if this thug should be up for a 3-strikes life sentence though. The murder counts as one and, if ...

Answered: Misdomeanor, Poss of a firearm OUI. Off probation. Can I register for a

Depending on your State of residency it shouldnt be an issue, its a misdemeanor so you are still eligible to posess a firearm, your sstate law may impose more time limits etc however

Answered: Stolen

Rocmike why are copy and pasting these posts and re-posting them?

Answered: Winchester power max bullets for use in a lever action rifle

staskopeachy Asked: Winchester power max bullets for use in a lever action rifle? Not reccommended as a handloading bullet. Notice that the point is too sharp for use in a tubular magazine, as is found on Marlin and certain Savage models. Box-magazine rifles can use these narrow-pointed ...
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This is very disturbing ...Justice isn't always what you expect it to be although looking at cases through the papers isn't always the most informative way you can consume all the information.

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this is basically vodoo, i lived in southern states where thids is often practised behind closed doors...drums are used at times however this is only felt by people who have a true connection or deeper intelligence etc, so it is unlikely that you experienced this, as it is a very small porcentage of ...

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It doesn't matter how much time you've served, as a convicted felon you CANNOT possess (or even legally touch) any firearms until/unless you get your rights restored. As far as I know, though, you are NOT prohibited from bow hunting if NH has a bow season. To my knowledge a bow and arrow are not ...

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Awww... thank you! And God bless you as well. Welcome to Yedda aka Aol Answers.