What is the punishment for possession of a stolen firearm in NC?

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Answered: Firearm store that buys firearms

does anyone know of any firearms dealers that buy guns that I have inhereted. I have no use for them and just want a fair price. I refuse to sell to a pawn shop that gives you ten cents on the dollar. Can anyone help me with the names of some gun dealers.

Answered: Misdomeanor, Poss of a firearm OUI. Off probation. Can I register for a

Depending on your State of residency it shouldnt be an issue, its a misdemeanor so you are still eligible to posess a firearm, your sstate law may impose more time limits etc however

Answered: When a person commits domestic violence, assaults ...

Debbe C., I'm not a lawyer but to my knowledge, if a felony is plea-bargained down to a misdemeaner, then it goes on his record as a misdemeaner and cannot be changed back to a felony. I does sound as if this thug should be up for a 3-strikes life sentence though. The murder counts as one and, if ...

Answered: Who runs nurseing homes in nc

In NC, a guy named Dave runs all the nursing homes.

Answered: I am a felon, never a violent charge, my father ...

most of the time, it is illegal to own, or be near them
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I did not have to serve over 9 months in prison on my felony charge will

It doesn't matter how much time you've served, as a convicted felon you CANNOT possess (or even legally touch) any firearms until/unless you get your rights restored. As far as I know, though, you are NOT prohibited from bow hunting if NH has a bow season. To my knowledge a bow and arrow are not ...

M1 carbine-my M1 double fires with one trigger pull deep into the 10

The two most common causes I can think of are: 1) Your rifle needs a thorough cleaning. Burnt powder residue and old lubricant combined with dust will build up over time and cause your trouble. 2) There are a couple of parts associated with the trigger mechanism that may well be worn enough to ...

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Awww... thank you! And God bless you as well. Welcome to Yedda aka Aol Answers.

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Try these and click on 'Similar' page links: Long-Gun; Rifle, Spencer Repeating Arms, Model 1865, Carbine ... Civil War Cartridge Rifle and Carbine Page -Fall Creek Sutler ... In 1865, Spencer delivered the Model 1865 Spencer Carbine and Rifle which was .... This is an exceptional collector ...