what is the problem in Streets of Rage 3?

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Answered: How do you stop rage? im just a middle aged bitch that stays mad all the

I agree... see a counselor and also make an appointment with your physician. Often, depression causes a person to feel very angry and it is possible that you may need medical care and counseling. (Depression is anger turned inward.) I would never suggest medication without therapy. One without ...

Answered: Why does my ps3 keep freezing up

I have the sam problem and do not know what to do one minute i was playing Cod4 online my bro turned it off and now it does not read the games blu ray and dvd works still but the games dont help me please p3go

Answered: Street Style Trends

Very creative ideas,it will be successful.

Answered: Find a palindrome number that has 3 in the thousands place, 7 in the ones

There are exactly 14 possible numbersthat if you multiply them by 7 you'll get a 4 digit number that is 3--7 (that is: 3 in the thousands and 7 in the ones): 441, 451, 461, 471, 481, 491, 501, 511, 521, 531, 541, 551, 561, 571 Please note that the number must end with 1 cause the only way to get ...

Answered: Men and rage issues...why?

Men are really into rage issues even though average population of men has long patience. Also, men like to solve their issues to "manly way" -- brutal way.

Answered: Gays and Rage

Well I don't think so. Rage has nothing to do with your sexuality, it depends on the person itself -- how he/she handles the situation.
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i dont know i guest i dont want to experience it i think that party is not for me

Only ps2 games work in my ps3

My advice would be to call sony support. There may be something wrong with the console that you have and if this is the case, I believe they will sent you a new one.

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