what is the prison sentence for attempt/conspiracy to vgcsa?

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Answered: Serving prison sentence at home with ankle bracelet

if he could do that then there wouldnt be anybody in jail nowadays -_- I found a cool jail site that you can write questions and have people (including ex-cons) answer specific questions about jails. The jail is pierce county jail , so it may not match yers geographically, but if u know the county ...

Answered: 72 Year Old Friend in Prison

The Federaul Bureau of Prisons has a process for compassionate medical release for inmates who are severely ill. If your friend is suffering from a variety of medical conditions, he may qualify. Here is the specific information about the procedure: http://www.bop.gov/policy/progstat/5050_046.pdf ...

Answered: What does t.r.u and other initials stand for

W.S.R.U. is Washington State Reformatory Unit. S.O.U is Special Offender Unit (mental illness). T.R.U. is Twin Rivers Unit. M.S.U. is Minimum Security Unit. I.M.U. is Intensive Management Unit.

Answered: How can i find out if allen brown is still in federal prison for free?

The Bureau of Prisons web page has a search http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp

Answered: It's a conspiracy!

Conspiracy theories abound, but most are mere speculation. However when we think of actual conspiracies of sheer hate it has to be the racist bigots who supported Obama. Nothing else could explain why Obama was elected by more votes than there are living voters, but since the Democrats and KKK go ...

Answered: Are prisoners who are life sentenced granted a "dead man's wish" before

The American wardens usually try to respect a death row inmate last wish, although some are impossible , but one wish is always granted and that is the picking of the last meal. This site as the last meals of this year death row inmates http://www.deadmaneating.com/dmearch.html
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How to cope with a prison sentence

the shock of your situation will take some time. During this time do mot be loud, tell the best jokes, or dislike the food, clothes, or tv shows etc; observe, do not spell your guts, do not repeat your stories of the reason you're in there. In other words leave out graftic details. make allowances ...

Inmates rights in prison

When you are a prisoner, you go where they tell you to go. You can request a transfer, but very few are granted as there must be pressing reasons, way better than 'I don't like it here'.

Causes of violence in prisons

I was an inmate in a us federal prison. what i noticed is that when people live "in lack of" versus "in abundance" they tend to bend towards aggressive behavior. for instance, food was controlled by giving smaller portions so then a person's instinct sets in and behaves in survival mode to get more ...

I wanna know whether the sentence-

My suggestion would be: "What television service are you currently using, Sir?" If you need further help in structuring sentences, check out the Thank You Note Wording website: www.thankyounotewording.info . Hope this helps.