what is the price of Fetzima Anti-depressant?

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Answered: Why is AOL so anti semitic?

So I guess AOL is a Muslim endeavor as evidenced by the lack of enforcing their own rules about "hate speak". Post something hateful about an individual, blacks, gays, Arabs, Muslims or any other group and the post gets deleted. Post something hateful about Jews or Israel and it's perfectly OK ...

Answered: How to get off anti-depressants

It is important to keep taking your medicines, even after you feel better. Do not stop taking your antidepressants without talking to your pharmacist. You often need to stop antidepressants gradually. You can check this review of antidepressants for more details

Answered: Safe to take two anti depressants together?

Beware of Cymbalta making you turn into a zombie after years of use and increasing your risk of suicide at any age. It also effected my systematic nerves system and I belched over and over again for hours and days at a time and as soon as I stopped Cymbalta it stopped. Also, the constipation was ...

Answered: Anti-depression drug not working (Cipralex)

Just consult to therapist for the right drug in right dosage. Don't try to take medicines yourself.

Answered: Depressed and want to be happy again

Find the person around you who is your best friend and want to spend time with you. Share your all thoughts with him/her and you will be feeling very good. Try it.

Answered: Finding the right anti depresent????????????

Hi guys. I can recommend Celexa 10mg - an efficient antidepressant. I took it a couple months ago. I suffered from depression after I had suffered a terrible accident. It just marked me so badly that I started step by step to dive into this mood disorder.I decided to try Celexa after I read many ...
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This medication is used only or with supplementary medicines like levodopa and carbidopa for the treatment of movement disorders caused by Parkinson's disease. It does not treat Parkinson's disease exactly but it may recover shakiness or tremor, muscle hardness, and sudden switching between usual ...