what is the portacaval lymph node?

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Answered: What does a lymph node look like? Not a swollen ...

This web site explains the functions of the lymph nodes. http://www.thelymphnodes.com/ . Here are 2 web sites that have pictures of lymph nodes. http://www.uptodate.com/online/content/image.do?imageKey=obst_pix/lymph_17.htm&title=Lymph%20nodes%20female ...

Answered: Why do I have a painful lymph node on neck?

L would get a second opinion. It could be a virus or a more serious condition. Were you checked for mono? Can get this at any age.

Answered: How is Adrimyacin used, what type of carcinoma is stage 2 cancer where

Breast cancer is fairly responsive to chemotherapy. The Bigger it is and the farther it has spread, the worse the overall prognosis. In my understanding, the treatment of some cancers, such as breast, changes more frequently than the seasons. I know that breast cancer is usually treated with ...

Answered: Suggestions?

A safe way to clean your teeth gently.Use a small childrens toothbrush ,wet it and use baking soda to gently remove anything in your teeth.Will also kill bacteria. For choking try a tea made from wild cherry bark. Hope this helps miss b.

Answered: Node Addressing for sensor network

Sensor networks are envisioned to support autonomous and spontaneous networking for a wide range of applications such as environment monitoring. Due to energy constraints, it is difficult for wireless sensor nodes to handle heavy protocol stacks with a large protocol overhead. In this paper, we ...
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How to treat an enlarged breast lymph node

Swollen lymph nodes closer to the surface of the body are generally diagnosed by a doctor's examination and feeling for areas known to have coalescence of lymph nodes, for example, swollen lymph nodes under the arms (axillary lymph nodes), swollen lymph nodes in the sides of the neck (cervical ...

Mono with swollen lymph node

Unfortunately if you couldn't protect your daughter from mono, you probably won't be able to stop her if she wants to go partying before she is really well enough to be out of bed. So, all you can really do is get her some protection from whatever else she may catch out there. They grow up ...

Lymph nodes behind the ears/ is it related to depression?

According to this web site there is no connection between the two. However, to be 100% certain you need to check with your doctor.

How many neck lymph nodes?

There are about 200 hundred. This number can change from person to person.