what is the perennial plant mediana altura?

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Answered: How to Garden With Perennial Begonias?

When selecting a site for a perennial flower garden, you should be certain that it receives enough sunlight. Most perennial flowers thrive on six hours of sunlight a day or more. If you are stuck with a shady place, however, you can still grow some perennial flowers. You will just need to be ...
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Annaul or Perennial plant?

Annuals and perennials are garden flowers. Annual flowers are planted and come up in the spring. They are gorgeous flowers in bloom. Their lifespan is from spring to fall. The only way to preserve annual garden flowers is to dig them up and replant in flower pots to be placed indoors during the fall ...

What's the Difference Between Annual Plants and Perennial Plants?

Annual plants are only good for one year unless you bring them inside over the bad weather (cold and snow, etc.). Usually they are truly a one time plant and are not worth the effort. An example is petunias, geraniums and begonias. Perennial plants usually come up every year for mnay years ...

How much would one pot plant yield

A lot of problems for you especially being that you had to ask the question here.

How do you care for a zamora plant?

zamora you fertilize it, the mora it will get root rot.