What is the opposite of extend?

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Answered: Opposite

Try "Modest" or "Self Effacing"

Answered: How much will it cost to extend a room addition

If you would like an estimate from us and not a local contractor, you will need to supply some info. Size of the addition. Exterior door? What type? How will it tie into the roof? Guttering? Drainage for the guttering? Windows? What size and how many? Electric? Plumbing? Ceiling fans? Walls painted ...

Answered: What are the main categories of extended warranty for Ford Car?

From what Ive learned after speaking with United Repair Programs, there are basically 3 levels of coverage. -New Car Coverage -Used Car Coverage (few less things covered) -Powertrain Coverage (Big ticket components)

Answered: Extended unemployment insurance. Has congress voted on extending benefits

No! They are not going to either! As a matter of fact some states are dropping the number of weeks down to 20 weeks-- that's it!! Your Labor Departments in some states (mine) are closing offices due to state budget cuts!"Not because everyone has a job". Face it States and the good ole USA are ...
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Extended unemployment bill


Florida Extended Unemployment Compensation ...

i have just about used up the extended 13 week obama gave,i heard he extended that also to a total of 79 weeks from beginning to end is this correct.

Temporary housing/ extended stay lodging

To help you find short-term accommodations/housing, I recommend you try this free inquiry service at http://rentalo.com/docs/index2.html So that you can get rental offers directly from homeowners, and also from local hotels, motels, guesthouses and bb/inns. Then you can compare the offers and ...