what is the [oh-] in a solution that has a [h3o+]=1x10-6m?

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Is [OH-] greater than, less than or equal to [H3O+] in an acid solution

Hi, -------- I believe that you asked if in an acid solution [OH-] (the OH- concentration) is greater than, less than or equal to [H+] (the H+ concentration). The rule is: at 7 the OH- concentation is equal to the H+ concentration (that's PH=7). At acid solution (PH lower than 7) the H+ ...

What is the pH of a solution with [OH-] = 1 x 10-4

Hi JayR, --------- The concentration of H+ multiply by the concentration of OH- is always 14. That's how you get from hydroxyl concentrations to H+ concentrations. If the P[OH-]=4 than the PH=10 (getting it simply by subtructing 4 from 14). Sometimes life is easy.... -------- Best regards,

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Any number to the power of zero is equal to 1. So 1 * 10^0 = 1 *1 = 1