What is the official color of the U.S. Coast Guard?

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Answered: How can I replace lost coast guard awards?

I think you'd need to contact the Coast Guard directly to see about getting them replaced. Good luck.

Answered: Team coast guard here for you...Coloring book 25

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Answered: Coast guard license

You may apply for renewal at any of the 17 Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers (RECs). You must satisfy requirements for renewal including the completion of an application form and payment of user fees. All of these requirements are described in this guide. To see a ...

Answered: JOE Reynolds Coast Guard Veteran

Try searching www.zabasearch.com. Good luck!

Answered: Wfla.Com i need to speak to someone about ...

My suggestion is contact your congressman. I know my congressman helped me and my guys when we were deployed to afghanistan for operation enduring freedom 08-09. Hope that helps. Good Luck. SPC. Figueroa
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