What is the number of women vs men who got nominated for a Nobel Prize in Physics?

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Answered: Should There Be a Nobel Prize for Women?

Is being a woman such an acheivement that it would rate the Nobel Prize? Women get Nobels just as men do, and for the same reason: a great human acheivement. I for one do not think gender should be a factor at all.

Answered: Your nominations for the Nobel Prize, please.

Liu Xiaobo, Chinese political reformer was imprisoned unjustly for trying to reform the atheist Chinese government. Liu brought Chinese atheist atrocities to the world's attention, causing stern sanctions to be placed on certain large state-run Chinese industries, noted for anti competitive ...

Answered: Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Prof. Ada Yonath, 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry Biochemist Professor Ada Yonath, born in Jerusalem in 1939, member of the Weizmann Institute of Science, was awarded the 2009 Nobel prize for chemistry, jointly with Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK ...

Answered: Should J.K. Rowling Win The Nobel Prize?

Tadpole (posting as her other split personality, the simpleminded hate freak Tony) proved that all leftists really are utterly stupid. All atheists have to screech those simpleminded lies, but so what, leftists have to lie because they aren't smart enough to tell the truth. Was that ever in ...

Answered: Was a Nobel prized ever taken back for any reason.

"A prize has never been taken back. Once somebody has accepted a prize it is impossible to withdraw it," said Jonna Petterson, spokeswoman at the Nobel Foundation, the body which finances the Nobel prizes. "It has never happened and will most likely never happen in the future either. It (the award ...

Answered: Obama or obasanjo?

I never heard of this man. He needs a nickname. I cannot even pronounce that name. What I can say about Nigeria and the ones from there who operate from within CANADA; IS I HAVE A FEW HUNDRED SCAM's of winnings, inheritence crap, and more. All wanting to rob me of the no money I have...Why does he ...
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